Some thoughts while the kids play

Miracle has been so far very stubborn about walking. She can walk, she just won’t. She started taking a few steps before her first birthday and will walk everywhere while holding your hand. On her birthday she started taking a few steps on her own, but only from Daddy to Mommy. Two nights ago while I was singing “The Lord’s Army” to Axel he was marching around and doing all the actions. Miracle shocked us all by standing up and ‘marching’ across the living room rug! She then proceeded to throw herself on the floor laughing and yelling “boom.” Then every time I would start singing the song she would stand up and clap, take a few steps and throw herself down again. We all couldn’t stop laughing. Of course by the time I got the camera out to take a video she was done. Last night we rode our bikes to one of our favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants. We were one of two families eating at the time so the kids were free to play in the aisle alongside the booth. Miracle started the process again of throwing herself down and yelling boom. This time I was prepared! I grabbed the camera but instead of what I was planning on taping I got what we consider her second official unassisted self-motivated walks.

Can I just say that when Andrew went on his mini-vacation to Maddens Resort he brought me back some green tea and mango tea leaves and they are so good! And I just realized that it is good hot or cold which is great for me because I made it this morning and only had about a quarter of it before being distracted by kids and now it is freezing cold and still delicious. Thanks baby!

Yesterday afternoon I found a little extra time (while I should have been cleaning) to make a paper doll set for my etsy shop. I must say it is very cute. Perfect for teaching the Thanksgiving story or just role playing. I found I didn’t have any black cardstock so I ran to Target and found a huge clearance in the scrapbooking aisle. Not good. I spent more than I should have but less than I wanted to so I consider it a win. I have some more paper doll sets in mind for the future. Axel and Miracle both had their eyes on this one so hopefully they will be a hit. Great gifts as well.

At the end of every summer I dread the start of fall. Not because I do not like fall but because I love summer so much. This year is no different. I will say though that I am loving this nice pre-fall weather! I got a mini screened in tent on clearance for Mira that looks like a zebra and we set it up in the backyard. Axel has his Lightning McQueen tent set up and the kids are all camping out in the yard while I sit in the shade and enjoy the breeze and surf the internet. Being outside is a great excuse not to clean!


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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