Enjoying (a simple) Summer

In my first post I made the confession that we were not enjoying summer like we should. Clarification – everytime I say that Andrew says “YOU not me.” He has been going out every day playing disc golf! Anyway, I think I am finally getting into the groove of what summer should be and now it is the middle of August! Yikes. While Andrew was gone last week we went to the beach, zoo, pool (2x), and spent time outside at home and at friends’. It was so great. We also have been grilling out a couple times a week, going for bike rides, getting out our pool and water table, and really we are just feeling great.

Also, we have really cut back on our spending. I have really felt it impressed upon me to simplify things. This has been coming at me in more ways than one, including a recent series of sermons done by Pastor Sheppard at Oakwood Church. There was one in particular that seemed to reinforce how I was already feeling. You can listen to it here .

We have so much and I really want to learn to be content with what I have rather than to always wish for more. Example… Andrew and I always talk about how much fun it would be to have a boat. Instead, why don’t I just enjoy clean water to swim in at the beach? If I want to go for a boat ride I can find a friend who has one and borrow theirs! Another example…. With my new cricut machine you can buy seperate cartridges to cut out different shapes and fonts. Instead of buying new ones I can borrow them from people I know have them. I am blessed to have people in my life that are giving and that trust me to let me use their things that is for sure!

Spending less has opened things up for us financially as well. (duh) Now when we do want to go out we don’t have to worry as much about how much it is costing because we are spending less in the long run. Plus it helps with that guilty naggy feeling that you shouldn’t be spending a million dollars at the movie theatre. (my pet peeve)

So we have been working to simplify. We seriously cut back the amount of times we go out to eat. It was actually a little embarassing how much we spent on eating out. (And in turn we are grilling out more and enjoying the summer!) Naturally, eating out less made us start to feel better too. I stopped drinking soda every day and stopped letting Axel have it as well. We are working to switch our pantry over to some more natural products and are keeping more fresh produce on hand.

It seems we all feel better and Axel is behaving and sleeping better! I have learned to work on the art of self-control and I think that the last few weeks I have grown so much in my physical, mental and spiritual health.

I’m not saying haha look at me, I’m so cool. Rather I am testifying to what a few little changes has done in my life! Hope this can light a little fire under your butt:)


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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