Real Quick…

First, a quick pictoral update on the past few days:)

Axel, Ella and Jack had a great time with the sprinkler, pool and water table. A great water filled day!

A Playdate With Ella

A Playdate With Ella

We had another great playgroup and even got to watch the big truck unload a huge pile of woodchips.
Toddler Friday@ Oakwood

Toddler Friday@ Oakwood

At the fair we watched a 66 year old man get shot out of a cannon. Rumor has it that a man who lives in Albert Lea bought thousands of acres of land somewhere and then found out that there was oil under it. So some multi-billionaire (still residing in Albert Lea – go figure) pays this 66 year old father of 11 $1000 per time to get shot out of a cannon for the week of the fair. Two times a day. $12,000?! Where do I sign up?

Man Getting Shot Out of a Cannon

Man Getting Shot Out of a Cannon

 We had lots of fun over the weekend. We ‘camped’ with my dad, went to church with my mom and then went to Pappy’s to celebrate his and Miracle’s birthdays. Chloe and I took Axel to the fair to watch the cars crashing (which was too loud for him) while Cassidy babysat Miracle.

This fountain is as old as I can remember

This fountain is as old as I can remember

I also got to visit my brother Caleb which always brings about mixed emotions. It was really hard for me at church Sunday morning because I saw some of my brother’s friends and it got me thinking about what Caleb would be up to had it not been for his accident. People always ask me how he is doing. A lot of times with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) the recovering patient has a totally different personality. They either become very lovey or very mean. Typically they do not have a grasp of personal boundaries either. Of course it can be understood, my brother is missing part of his brain!
Anyway, Caleb has become the most polite, caring, sweet person you will ever meet. Now, I know my brother and he was always very sweet despite his outward uncaring manner. Now he just shows it. He never fails to tell me how much he loves me or that I’m beautiful. He always says please and thank you and is constantly apologizing that he can’t remember things. Of course he expects the same from you. I took a bite of his food and he got on my case. “You could of at least asked me first,” he said. Do not get in the way of that kid and his food!
Kind of short and rambly but I have no husband all week and I have to get some kids to the beach. Lake Elmo anyone?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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