Movie Moments

Yesterday Axel and I planted our herb garden. It is so cute. I love it. Today Axel and I checked on it and he taste tested each of them. Except the basil because for some reason that just wasn’t appealing to him. Maybe it was the purple. I haven’t ever been one to keep plants alive so I’m praying that this works out for us.

Our Little Herb Garden

Our Little Herb Garden

Andrew and I like to explain our relationship as a series of movie moments. You know the kind. When something is happening and it just feels like it could be a scene out of a movie. Our whole dating life was a movie. This morning was another scene from our best seller. Jack was with his grandma today so we could just lay back and relax. Axel’s eyes popped open and his first words were “Can we make pickles now?” So I got up with him and we made pickles. The next to awaken was Miracle and the three of us built a fort.

In Their House

In Their House

I could not have made the two of them happier. Especially Miracle. She kept crawling in and out and laughing hysterically. Monster daddy woke up next and attacked from behind. Then Miracle knocked everything over. Mom isn’t the best fort maker so daddy made a new and improved house for them and mommy equipped it with a door and flashlights.

Much Bigger and Better

Much Bigger and Better

After the house was built Axel and I pretended we were dragon ‘slavers’ and went off to ‘slave’ us a dragon. Equipped with a feather duster we caught the daddy monster.

The Winner

The Winner

And what could be better than ending the morning with the four of us dancing to Bob Marley in our pajamas? Movie moments! I am so blessed.

The issue most pressing on my mind this evening is something that happened while out running errands. I had a whole list of things to do. Bank, post office, return movies, grocery store, get pizza for dinner, and on the way home – Starbucks to reward myself. All very typical things to do. Now, most people complain about the post office and the long lines. I’ve found that if you don’t go over lunch or after four you can usually get in and out pretty quick. Not to mention the people at our post office are very friendly. Even so, it is a very everyday task that I have found myself doing more frequently because of my Etsy shop.

Today I had an extra large package and Axel was sleeping. Out cold. As I struggled to get him and the box out of the car someone ran up to me and offered to help. She was on her way in as well, explained to me that she was a mom too, and took my box and we walked in together making small talk. So, mental picture… I’m in line, in front of me is the nice lady, in front of her is a man and at the counter are two elderly people each at a register. The first elderly lady finishes her transaction and leaves, the next man in line finishes his transaction and leaves and the nice lady is next doing her transaction. Meanwhile I’m listening in on the conversation between the other elderly lady and the postal worker. She is asking lots of questions and both are being super nice. The lady thanks the worker for taking the time to help her out with everything and when the postal worker asks if she needs anything else the lady jokes about wanting a pack of gum. Probably more details than all of you care about, but I just wanted to involve you all in the story like I was. So, nice lady leaves and I am up next. As I’m working on my transaction someone behind me in line yells “No, not the old lady!” You see, the whole front of the post office is glass windows making for a front row seat to her getting hit by a truck.

Before I go on… I believe she is alright. I’m sure she broke something, but she was conscious and answering questions when I left. Here’s what has me thinking – all of the different responses to what happened along with my own reaction. The postal worker who was helping me just kept right on with my transaction. Calousness or calmness? The other postal worker was yelling at him “Where’s the phone?! Call 911” One lady in line ran out to help. I grabbed for my phone, but just as I did the postal worker said “Oh they have a cell phone.”

Surprisingly, I was pretty shook up. You see it was the man in front of me that hit her and the nice lady behind him that ran out of her car to help. I felt involved. I’m not foolish enough to take blame or feel guilt but it is human nature to wonder. The situation keeps playing over and over in my head. What if the nice lady had not stopped to help me? Then she would have been in front of the man in line and therefore would have been out of the post office first giving the elderly lady time to cross the street before the man came out. Anyway I had Axel with me and was visibly shaken by the time we got to the car. On the way by I stopped and offered my phone to call family or to see if help was needed in any other way. There were plenty of people helping and so I figured it best to be out of the way since I really had nothing to offer. When Axel and I got to the car we prayed for her and I used it as an opportunity to show him why it is so important to use caution and listen while we are in the road and parking lot. As we traveled down the road we passed the emergency vehicles (a fire truck, 2 ambulances and a squad car!) and said a prayer of thanks for those service people.

How would you have responded? Especially with your three year old in tow? I tried my best to remain calm but even so we arrived home and he was unable to tell Andrew about it. He was upset too. We talked again and the reassurance from Daddy seemed to snap him out of it.

Praying blessings and safety on you and yours!


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  1. lori
    Jul 29, 2008 @ 14:01:40

    wow, cheri…so thankful that you’re absolutely FINE! that’s miraculous.
    i often think how the little pauses in our day can amount to huge blessings in disguise~things that we think are annoying sometimes, that are actually preventing us from harm in a way that we can’t even see.
    it’s cool that you were able to witness firsthand God’s goodness in sparing you yesterday.


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